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Your environment affects your success.

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

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At one point, I had a lot of friends who always hung out with a crowd. Now, I realize none of them couldn’t help me level up or “put me on.” Basically, they were a form of bad influence because I wasn’t growing and living my full potential around them. Now I understand why God separated me and forced me to change my environment. “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are. "-unknown

Cutting people off and changing your environment doesn’t mean they are necessarily bad individuals or think you are better than them. It simply means you cannot take them where you are going. Your success is not their success; your path is not the same as theirs. Their season in your life has expired. You are on your way to success, and they cannot come, at least not currently.

The journey will be lonely for a while because that’s what’s needed. You will need as much time as possible for self-healing and your personal growth & development. You are "Leveling up.” You will think differently and act differently for the better, and your environment will not be able to grasp that. You don’t need any negativity for a while to help you stay focused. Change your environment by surrounding yourself with people who are invested in the future YOU.

-Nivendia #NiviiQuotes

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