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Tubal Reversal journey (part2 recovery)

Updated: Jul 11

On the day of surgery

It’s been a month since I had surgery, I wanted to write this blog sooner, but my body has been going through it. I had my surgery on May 3rd at NCCRM in Cary, NC. They were happy to have a local patient; it seems like most of their patients are from out of state. I believe it is because there are cheap and have a high success rate. I started the process in October 2021 when I first deposited $1.000—to the day reaching up to my surgery; I made two payments of $2,375. I also paid $300 extra for the numbing injection. I had 3 C-sections I knew how important extra medicine is. The numbing injection will help with the pain, so I suggest getting it.

Here is a link to the clinic Our Practice | NCCRM

Even though I live local I stay at a hotel right next to the fertility center because I had my follow-up appointment the next day. On the day of my surgery, I wore a comfortable dress and didn’t eat or drink anything since the night before.

My husband and I check-in at the front desk I waited for about 45mins before a nurse came and did a vaginal ultrasound to make sure I was good to go. We went to speak to another nurse who explained the surgery process to us and that we needed to have at least 5cm on each side of the fallopian tube for the surgery to be successful. Through my research, I learned about a medication called Clomid and ask if I could get a prescription. To my surprise, she gives me a prescription for 2 cycles. She explained that my husband had to leave, but not before giving him a list of items and prescriptions to pick up, and stated that they will contact him once I’m out of surgery. Then they took me back to the operating room. While a nurse was preparing me for the surgery the anesthesia doctor came in to ask me some health questions, I made sure I mention my acid reflux diagnosis.

All I remember after that is laying on the surgery bed and then waking up in the wheelchair feeling a cut a cross my abdomen. Like somebody cut me with a knife and just woke up from a nightmare I knew that feeling since it’s my 4th time getting cut there and that’s when I realize the surgery was done. The assistant Doctor came shook my hand and told me it was a success and that I had 8cm on one side and 6cm on the other side (after all they had been tied cut and burn). That was good news. My husband came and got me we went back to the hotel. I was in pain, but it was not too bad because I still had a lot of medicine in my body.

The first week of recovery

The next day we went to the follow-up appointment, the scar and everything was good. We decided to check out the hotel and head home. That was not a good decision. I should have stayed at the hotel one more day. The ride home was horrible. I felt the pain while the car was moving( this was a full-size SUV mind you), and I started feeling nausea I remember my husband pulling over so I can throw up but we made it home safe. The ride was 1hr and 30mins. On day 3 I woke up and I was in a lot of pain I believe the medicine had worn off. I was taking all my pain and gas medicine religiously. I was resting and recovering.

Day 6 was Mother’s day what a beautiful gift to have on Mother’s day, Fertility. I felt blessed to have my family and I finally got my tubal reversal done. I receive a lot of gifts and flowers I felt so special. My husband made me a special meal which had a lobster tail it was so good. We had a wonderful day I was recovering well so I thought…

I got sick

Day 7 The next day I woke up I started throwing up I got sick! It felt like a stomach bug but I wasn’t sure. I was sick for 3 days before I went to the ER. I lost about 7 pounds in those 3 days that’s how bad I couldn’t keep anything down. My acid reflux got worsened. I spent the whole day in the ER feeling like crap then based on my symptoms the doctor said I had food poison. My scar from my surgery looks fine. They put me on an IV and sent me home. Then I was sick for about 5 days all I remember is not eating for those days. That’s the worst stomach virus ever. Now I’m about two weeks recovery.

The week 3 in Orlando

Week 3 I was feeling way better after the stomach virus. I went back to my plans I had to attend a graduation in Orlando Florida. I also had plan that week as my recovery trip. I tried my best to bounce back quickly! If I didn’t get food poison I believe my recovery from the tubal reversal itself would of been faster. I took my friend on the trip with me I drove us to the airport ready to get to Florida and all that good stuff. At the airport, I decided to have a drink and some wings. From the airport went to my hotel we were in for the night. The next day I woke up sick again I couldn’t believe it. I was throwing up I stay in bed all day. Keep taking hot showers to feel better. The next day I wasn’t getting better because I started having pain in my abdomen. It was pretty bad that I had to change my flight and come back home. I miss the graduation and everything else we had planned for that week. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I have been sick for 3 weeks now.

Week 4 Back In Home

When I got back home I stay home sick for one day and the next day I told my husband please take me to the ER the pain in my left abdomen was unbearable I couldn’t walk and my chest was hurting badly. I told my husband not to take me to the same ER but to the Forsyth hospital. Once we got there lucky for us his auntie is the supervisor of the ER department she saw my name came up in the system and got all the doctors to take care of me they did every test possible, the ultrasounds came back that I had an ovarian cyst that what was causing the pain in my abdomen. I couldn’t believe it either. I was fine before my surgery. The doctor gives me a whole bunch of medicine I think I suffer a small heart attack.

From there I went home and started taking care of myself. It took about another 2 weeks for me to feel like myself. I would suggest if you got a tubal reversal surgery don’t take 2 weeks off but instead take 6 weeks just like if you had a c section.

Stay tuned for my future pregnancy announcement!

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