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The Serenity Prayer

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Hello Pusher,

I’d just like to share my testimony. Exactly a year ago today when I had my daughter at 5 months I was told she might not make it. The odds were against us. She had sepsis twice and was in the NICU for 167 days fighting for 5 months. Against all reports from the doctors she survived and with no major issues! My situation seemed hopeless but our God was faithful to me! He told me she would make it and she did!

Every doctor says she’s a miracle. I said all of that to say even when things appear to be hopeless trust in God. He did it for me He can do it for you! Please help me wish my baby girl a very happy 1st birthday! Her name is Serenity.

Demetria- March 2020

Two years later:

Today my little miracle turns 3! Only Yah knows the purpose He has for you. When doctors and science said no He said yes! With a less than 20% chance of survival you pushed through. The enemy came at you 2 more times in the NICU with sepsis which dropped your chances down to less than 5%. But you have a praying and believing Momma! And my Yah answered!

Today you still baffle doctors! That just shows me that you have a great destiny! Happy birthday my little butterfly 🦋 I can’t wait to see even more evidence of the hand of our Heavenly Father on your life! #SerenityJoy #birthdaygirl👑#big

DemetriYah TheArtist -March 23, 2022

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