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Respect the struggle

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

One way to know that you have reached some level of success is when others remind you of your past struggles. Like " I remember when you were poor, or I remember when you were homeless look at you now." As a Pusher getting those types of compliments all the time can be challenging makes me feel like they ''bringing up my past'' even though I’m very comfortable using my struggles as testimonies on my platform. Until yesterday I heard a quote, "People will not respect you if they don’t know your struggle "-unknown. And that quote makes it all make sense.

I like Tyler Perry movies, but I remember being more inspired when I heard his story about being homeless. Before becoming a successful filmmaker. We can like somebody but respect them more when we hear about their struggle. They struggle with challenges, and how they overcame obstacles is what inspired us. It is important to remember where you came from because others will surely remind you. Make sure they remind you because you are inspiring, not ignorant.

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