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Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Hi Pusher,

My name is Nivendia Sullivan, I was born as Nikendia Gassant on 23Sep92 in Port au Prince, Haiti. My mother was a single mother as my dad left when I was two years old. I was raised in Port au Prince until the age of 8 in a household with my grandparents and my mother, I was the only child until I was 10. Growing up we didn’t have much income, but my mother did the best she could to put and keep me in a private school ensuring that I got the best education I could. Looking at my life from a psychological perspective I believe all my ambitions and big dreams come from growing up poor.

As a Haitian child, it seems like the only way to be disciplined was by getting a whooping. Since I was the only child, I got away with a lot and my grandparents were too old to chase me around to the house. But, this will all change in 2000 when my mom left for St.Marteen in pursuing a better life. I had to stay with my auntie who took the whooping’s over the top. She would beat me for everything or for nothing even. I became afraid of her and her angry ways. I missed my mother daily, so I start to lose focus in school and my grades went downhill. And let’s not forget to mention that I was teased in school for being poor. let’s not forget to mention that I was teased in school for being poor. Every day I daydreamt about getting on an airplane to get away from the hell I was in.

Altogether I have three brothers and two sisters, I am the oldest and we all get along well. Now that I am older, I work on my anger every day through prayer and meditation. I work to keep my energy lifted positively and I remind myself it's never worth getting out of character. I don’t put my emotions aside anymore, instead, I try to understand the root of the problem, and when I make mistakes, I forgive myself.

-Nivendia Sullivan Bio 2020

Edited by: Aqeel

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