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One-month starter locs retwist

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The day after the retwist 3/19/22.

Hello pusher,

I am back with a one-month update on my starter locs. Since Feb 18th I haven’t done anything to my hair, not even washing it. The one instruction by the Loctician was, “If you wash your hair too soon the locs could start unrevealing and slow down the loc process.” After getting your starter locs do nothing to your hair for at least 3 weeks to 4 weeks.

I went 4 weeks, and honestly, it went by fast. The starter locs lasted well, I could have stretched it for another 2 weeks if I wanted to. But I’m ready for a retwist. I want to have that feeling of having my hair done again. I use Haitian castor oil from amazon twice a week, and I really like it because it is very thick, and not runny. After the first two weeks, I used Mielle refreshing spray to keep the locs moisturized. I took advantage of my headbands, and here are some photos to show you my hair from 2/18/22 to 3/18/2022.

My hair is still looking fresh .
The front at 3 weeks

The back at 3 weeks


Yay, today I got my first retwist. We decided not to wash my hair, I thought I was going to get my first wash but my loctician has a technic to get the hair to loc and mature within one year. So, I decided to follow her lead. I didn’t mind not washing my hair because my scalp wasn’t dry and didn’t have any flakes, nor was it itching. My hair is budding just a little in the middle and we did not want to disturb the process.

If you decided to wash your hair at 4 weeks that’s totally fine. Just remember all our journeys should be unique. One thing I learned so far is to just leave the hair alone. Allow it to be itself and 'do what it do'! With that being said I will get another retwist in 2 months, which will put me at 3 months’ locs . I must go 2 months without getting my hair done, but I can do it. I’m pretty sure it will go by fast. Here is some pic of retwist.

First retwist

Day 30

"Pusher: each one, push one.''

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