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Nivendia Starter Locs

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Hi Pushers,

Welcome to my Locs journey. The real reason why I'm documenting this journey is that I failed two times in the past. I believe the 3rd time is a charm. The 1st time I had the starter Locs for about eight months and remove them for a lot of different reasons. I started them myself with a Two-strand twist. The second time was after my Big Chop in 2021, I removed the starter Locs at two months because of too much build-up; don't judge, but here we are again. I have no regrets because this time my Locs are way prettier than before.

Here is my Locs at one week. I got them installed on Feb 18th, 2022, by a mobile hairstylist I met on the Booksy app. This time I did not want to install them myself because the hair Loc much faster if it been cared for by a professional. Before starting Locs if the plan of using a Loctitician make sure you have that in mind, know how long you are willing to travel. What I really enjoy about my starter Locs so far is the color and the size. I told her, that I wanted them a little smaller than medium, about 120 Locs. I don't know how many I have yet but I'm very satisfied with the size of the Locs, I cannot wait to see the transformation.

1 week starter locs

Still fresh at 1 Week

8 days later

If you wonder what my hair was like before the starter Locs here is a video. Subscribe to my channel for more videos Nivendia Sullivan Vlogs - YouTube

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