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My Tubal Reversal Journey (Part 1)

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Hello Pusher,

Today is April 23, 2022, and I’m having a Tubal Ligation Reversal surgery on May 3rd, 2022; I am documenting and sharing my journey. Before we get into the reversal, what is tubal ligation? Tubal Ligation is known as getting your tube tied, a procedure that is done when a woman knows for SURE she doesn’t want any more kids. In my case, I got my tube not just tied but cut and burned.

Why did I get a tubal ligation?

It’s been less than five years since I got the tubal ligation done. One reason was that I had 3 C-Sections, and my doctor advised me to get my tube tied that insurance would cover it if I did right after giving birth. At the time, I was certain I didn’t want any more kids. I called this time, the time I gave up on love After having three kids out of wedlock, I didn’t think I was ever going to find someone to truly love.

I was young, 25 years old, with three kids. It was truly the best decision for me at the time. I remember my best friend telling me not to do it because I’m beautiful and I will find a man one day I will be in love with and want to have more kids. Guess what she was absolutely right. It was only four months later I got married to my kids’ father; I was in love and wanted to have more kids right away, but I couldn’t.

The first year I regrated getting my tube tied because I felt like I gave up my womanhood/fertility, and I wanted it back. Not to mention it would cost a lot of money to get it back.

Now I am at peace with the decision because my husband and I have built a business together for the last four years. We both looked at the Tubal Ligation as a form of birth control. We both believe the Tubal Ligation helps us as a married couple to keep pregnancies under control. Now, we are ready to add to our family and decided to get a tubal reversal.

What is tubal reversal?

The Tubal Reversal procedure is the opposite of Tubal Ligation. The doctors will try to put the fallopian tubes back together so a woman can conceive again. Yes, Tubal Ligation is not permanent. It can be reversed. It is a dying art since most people would choose IVF. I am a good candidate for a tubal reversal because I am young and healthy.

My chances of getting pregnant after the surgery are pretty high. At least, that is what we hope for. But, at the same time, the most experienced doctor at the clinic had to perform my surgery since I had it tied cut, burned, and three c-sections…to be continued.

"Pusher: each one, push one.''


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