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List of my 10 strengths

Updated: Jul 11

Spiritual attacks/ depression can come in the form of negative thoughts, and we have to learn how to fight it. The elders from the church used to say, “when you are depressed, whatever the devil is saying, believe the opposite. “Coming up with a list of my strength is an exercise that has helped me to fight back negative thoughts. You can do it too; you can use any number or start with 5; discover how amazing and talented you are; don’t let depression win.

1. I am a pusher -that I like to encourage and inspire others.

2. I like to give; I believe sharing is caring.

3. I can admit when I’m wrong. It takes a mature person to take responsibility for their actions

4. I am a hard worker faith without work is dead.

5. I stand for myself; I don’t let my kindness be taken for weakness.

6. I have a good work ethic. I build a company from scratch.

7. I am an overcomer; I can see the good in every bad situation.

8. I love genuinely because love is stronger than hate

9. I know who I am! I embrace life.

10. I am determined that I don’t settle for less.


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