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First starter-Locs Style

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

How often should I get a retwist?

To be honest, I wanted to wait one year to get my first style, thinking that would be the appropriate time. My loctician did a style for me, and I loved it. It came out so pretty; the color pattern of my hair is so unique. My hair is locked, and the style was well deserved.

I waited almost two months before getting a retwist, which led me to question how often I should get a retwist. Because my last retwist hurt like hell. If I had waited one more week, I would have been crying, lol. They say get a retwist between 6 to 8 weeks or every four weeks. For me, I think I’m going to do every 5 to 6 weeks for right now. Parting the new growth hurt, and the longer you wait, the more tangled the hair gets. Don’t neglect your hair, but you don’t need to get a retwist every 2 weeks, either. I’m five months loc'd and had only 3 retwist, so it’s about finding balance.

The twist-out

The fun part about natural hair is taking down your twist or plates to have curls(twist-out). It was the same with the locs: I couldn’t wait to take down the style to see my curls for the first time.

I’m officially five months. Here are some more pics.


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