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Didi The Dancer

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Didi has an inspiring story he was born in Haiti, he started dancing at a very young age. Very fortunate for him his parents could afford to send him to an American school in Haiti despite the odds and struggle. His parents were able to build some connections with friends in America.

Didi was blessed to receive a scholarship to come to the United States to get a better education. He completed middle school, and high school, now working as an intern in his last year in college. Didi’s story is a story of hope. He loves his parents who raise him here in America, he told me his mom pushed him to become a Haitian interpreter.

Didi is a true Pusher, I cannot wait to have him back on Niviiquotes to tell more about his American dream story.

Check his Instagram Didi S (@yng_dna) • Instagram photos and videos

''Pusher: A person that looks to push themselves and others to be more and do more within their selves, and those around them.''

"Each one, Push one.”

Interviewed by Nivendia Sullivan. 3-7-2022

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