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7 ways to help heal from the past |Don’t look back.

Our brain has a way of playing little tricks on us. We go through struggles in life with our brains being in survival mode. No struggle last forever; things will eventually change, and we will reach a place of blessings and healing. The blessing will come, and the brain will no longer have to be in survival mode; now, it’s time to heal. At one point in life, we must face our emotional traumas. The past has a way of showing back up when you are in a good place in life.

A lot of us are currently unhappy because we are still living the past trauma; we cannot see the present moment clearly. We refuse to be grateful for today because we cannot forgive the past. We cannot let go. We have been storing some hurts in the back of our brains since childhood. Some things happened to us that we never told anyone. Is the past showing back up like, do you remember me? Let’s talk about it. All these negative thoughts, low self-esteem, and depression are showing up.

I’m here to tell you don’t look back do not let the devil stop you from living your best life. The only time you should look back is to see how far you came. Remember, God did not bring you this far to leave you right here. When your past is showing back up, deal with it, fight it. This is how I fight with my past because I will not allow it to hold me back and stop my blessing.

  1. I Talk about it with my husband like a therapist, and I also talk to a professional therapist.

  2. I forgive everyone who hurt me; it doesn’t matter who they don’t have the power over me anymore. Forgiveness became a weapon to take control of my life.

  3. I visited the place where the trauma happened to help me overcome it.

  4. ·I seek natural medicine for mental health, removing any bad juju from the past.

  5. I rest when I become depressed. That’s the fastest way I can get out of it .

  6. I memorize the serenity prayer, “Give me the strength to accept the thing I cannot change.”

  7. I try to love more because the energy you put out is what you will receive back.


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