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3 Months Loc'd (4 Months Update)

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Hello Pusher,

3 months went by fast; my hair is locd ,I can wash it and my starterlocs won’t unravel, I’m fully budded. The last 3 months with Locs for me have been more like a spiritual journey. I’ve learned so much about myself and even took the ancestry DNA test to help me navigate through the truth. When it comes to this Loc journey let’s be honest a lot of us are afraid of the ugly stage. Some of us even think our natural hair is ugly. My hair and I didn’t have the best relationship at times.

Fast forward to today I learn to appreciate diversity. I could literally rock any hairstyle as a black woman. I call my hair type “ strong black hair”, when it comes to locs most of us want long healthy locs but are not willing to go through the journey.

My personal beliefs about locs are different. I don’t believe in locs extension, I would never put braids extension over my locs to hide the ugly stage. Or wear a wig. It’s giving me freedom. Letting go of the fake hair and embracing our natural hair is the first step. Having locs is wearing your natural hair all the time if you can’t let go of the fake hair you are not ready for this journey.

I made it 3 months now I’m looking forward to six months for it to drop. I don’t need to go to the beauty supply store like I used to I’m not using any new product I just let my hair be. I have done a hot oil treatment, and planning on doing one once a month from now on. My family has been giving me compliments about my hair I’m shocked they notice. They say you are Naturelle it’s inspiring. I think that word Naturelle in my culture means a woman who finds the courage to wear her natural hair and she wears it well. While inspiring more women to be Naturelle.

For me it is important to also inspire our little black girls if we want our daughters to embrace their natural hair, we have to show them and teach. Kids don’t need the fake and the relaxers. Wearing long weave doesn’t make you more professional, I use to believe that.

Being on this journey is a true definition of my quote

Pusher "Pusher: A person that looks to push themselves and others to be more and do more within their selves, and those around them. Each one, Push one."

4 months Update

By the time you see this blog, I will already be four months locs. It’s the summertime I’ve been washing my hair at least once a week with just conditioner and no shampoo. I love getting my hair wet, I’m taking advantage of it while is still short because longer locs take longer to dry. My four-month retwist was due and I did not get one voluntarily. I love the way my hair is right now here are some photos and videos. Four months Loc !

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