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Welcome Pusher

My name is Nivendia 

Welcome to my blog! 
I am glad you are here.
I started blogging as a hobby. I enjoy telling my stories as a Pusher because I believe "someone needs to hear this''.

They will feel encouraged, inspired, and motivated.

A Pusher is someone who tells their story to inspire someone else. 

Pusher: Each one, Push one.


Going through a breakup made me realize I was not the narrator of my story. I was married to a man who is an excellent writer, and when I started blogging, he was very supportive. He became my editor because he was simply a better writer than me. I would only post content by running it by my editor first.

Going through the breakup, I was freaking out to the point I thought about shutting down my blog, not only because what I was going through was painful, and I wouldn't have the courage to share it. Now I also needed an editor. I became insecure about posting because I didn't have someone to give me a second opinion before posting my stories. The co-dependent issues are real. Why do I need someone else approval to tell my story? Who can tell my story better than I do? I had to remind myself that I am a Pusher; blogging is the only place. I can truly express myself. I need it right now, and I can't let it go. I looked at my bio on the website that the editor wrote. Deep down, I knew I wasn't that person anymore.

It is time to rewrite my stories, reinvent myself, be the narrator, and take control of my life. By keeping my blog, I will overcome my fears and insecurities, build my confidence, and do everything that makes me happy. It's never too late to start over and just like the blog I dont need anyone aproval to become my authentic self.


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