One way to know that you have reached some level of success is when others remind you of your past struggle. Like " I remember when you were poor, or I remember when you were homeless look at you now." As a pusher getting those types of compliments all the time can be challenging makes me feel like they bring up the past even though I’m very comfortable using my struggles as testimonies on my platform. Until yesterday I heard a quote, " people will not respect you if they don’t know your struggle "-unknown. And that quote makes it all make sense.

I like Tyler Perry movies, but I remember being more inspiring when I heard his story about being homeless. Before becoming a successful filmmaker. We can like somebody but respect them more when we hear about their struggle. They struggle with challenges, and how they overcame obstacles is what inspired us. It is important to remember where you came from because others will surely remind you. Make sure they remind you because you are inspiring, not ignorant.

Pushers each one push one with inspiring stories


How often should I get a retwist?

To be honest, I wanted to wait one year to get my first style, thinking that would be the appropriate time. My loctician did a style for me, and I loved it. It came out so pretty; the color pattern of my hair is so unique. My hair is locked, and the style was well deserved.

I waited almost two months before getting a retwist, which led me to question how often I should get a retwist. Because my last retwist hurt like hell. If I had waited one more week, I would have been crying, lol. They say get a retwist between 6 to 8 weeks or every four weeks. For me, I think I’m going to do every 5 to 6 weeks for right now. Parting the new growth hurt, and the longer you wait, the more tangled the hair gets. Don’t neglect your hair, but you don’t need to get a retwist every 2 weeks, either. I’m five months loc'd and had only 3 retwist, so it’s about finding balance.

The twist-out

The fun part about natural hair is taking down your twist or plates to have curls(twist-out). It was the same with the locs: I couldn’t wait to take down the style to see my curls for the first time.

I’m officially five months. Here are some more pics.

Updated: Aug 7

Dear God

Today was a good day; I managed not to worry about tomorrow

Instead, I prayed that tomorrow would be a better day

Tomorrow this prayer will get answered

Even a miracle will happen

Tomorrow holds the reward for what I went through today

That’s why I didn’t give up.

The hope of tomorrow is the reason why I’m still holding on

In the morning, I will be one step closer to the finish line

I will have a percent of the process completed

Taking life one step at the time

Tomorrow I will remember what I learned yesterday, which is how to pray.


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